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Sample Questions

Free 1Y0-250 Training Exam Question 1

Which action could an administrator take to configure auditing of logon events for all the employees who connected through the NetScaler Gateway for the current day?

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Dumps4download 1Y0-250 Exam Question 2

Which two methods could an administrator use to ensure that all HTTP traffic will be redirected to the NetScaler Gateway virtual server after configuring a NetScaler Gateway virtual server?

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1Y0-250 Free Exam Question 3

A company plans to deploy secure LDAP authentication to their existing NetScaler Gateway implementation What should an administrator enable to support secure LDAP?

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PDF 1Y0-250 Dumps Exam Question 4

Scenario: Management has requested monthly detailed performance reports for an online Web application. Management has also requested real-time monitoring of the environment with the possibility of exporting historical reports. Which type of reporting or monitoring tool should an administrator use to meet the requirements of this scenario?

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Dumps4download 1Y0-250 Latest and Free Exam Question 5

Scenario: A virtual server has been configured in the Content Switching node to provide multiple Web services using the full website path location. This website contains details that can only be displayed using a specific Web browser such as Internet Explorer. Which two actions must an administrator perform to ensure that users are informed of the browser requirements?

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Free and Latest 1Y0-250 Training Exam Question 6

An administrator needs to prevent a single point of failure for the Secure Ticket Authority servers configured on NetScaler Gateway. Which method could the administrator use to accomplish this?

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1Y0-250 Dumps4download Latest Exams Question 7

An administrator is reviewing the following output: VIP( Hits(38200495, 18/sec) Mbps(1.02)
Pers(OFF) Err(0) Pkt(186/sec, 610 bytes) actSvc(4) DefPol(NONE) override(0) Conn: Clt(253, 1/sec, OE[252\]) Svr(3) S( Hits(9443063, 4/sec, P[2602342, 0/sec\]) ATr(5) Mbps(0.23)BWlmt(100 kbits) RspTime(112.58 ms) Other: Pkt(36/sec, 712 bytes) Wt(10000) RHits(31555) Conn: CSvr(42, 0/sec) MCSvr(20) OE(16) RP(11) SQ(0) How much traffic is being passed through the public IP address based on the output displayed above?

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