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Sample Questions

Free 1Y0-350 Training Exam Question 1

What are two ways in which the NetScaler TCP buffering feature improves application performance? (Choose two.)

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Dumps4download 1Y0-350 Exam Question 2

During a recent security penetration test, several ports on the management address were identified as providing unsecured services. Which two methods could the network engineer use to restrict these services? (Choose two.)

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1Y0-350 Free Exam Question 3

The purpose of pre-fetch in integrated caching is to automatically __________. (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.)

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PDF 1Y0-350 Dumps Exam Question 4

The disk is full on a NetScaler appliance but NO alerts were generated by the SNMP traps. What is the likely cause of this failed alert?

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Dumps4download 1Y0-350 Latest and Free Exam Question 5

Users have reported that they are receiving a confusing error message related to SSL sessions when connecting from older browsers. How could the network engineer present this error to users in a customized format?

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Free and Latest 1Y0-350 Training Exam Question 6

Scenario: The NetScaler has been connected to two external networks provided by different Internet Service Providers (ISPs). Dynamic routing is not enabled. Traffic is expected to use the first ISP (through the router) if possible and the second, slower ISP (through the router) only if the Primary ISP fails. Which two commands could the network engineer execute to configure the routes? (Choose two.)

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1Y0-350 Dumps4download Latest Exams Question 7

A public SSL certificate on a virtual server is about to expire and the NetScaler engineer needs to renew the certificate before it expires. Which step must the engineer take to renew the SSL Certificate?

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Dumps4download 1Y0-350 Latest Real and Free Exam Question 8

What should a network engineer configure to set high availability for a load balanced virtual server?

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Free Dumps4download Latest 1Y0-350 Training Exam Question 9

The network engineer is investigating issues and suspects that one of the administrators recently changed the NetScaler configuration. Which command could the engineer run to check the logs that will contain such details?

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1Y0-350 Free Real Exam Question 10

An network engineer is asked to perform an export of the captured trace output files as requested by Citrix Tech support. In which directory could the engineer retrieve the captured log files in the NetScaler system?

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