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Sample Questions

Free 1Y0-A20 Training Exam Question 1

Scenario: A XenApp administrator must recommend a database option for a new XenApp6.5 data store. The new farm will have multiple zones over WAN connections with low bandwidth and high latency. Which two database options should the administratorrecommend? (Choose two.)

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Dumps4download 1Y0-A20 Exam Question 2

Scenario: A company recently upgraded all their Citrix licenses from XenApp Enterprise to XenApp Platinum. The Citrix License Server has been correctly updated and configured with the correct Citrix license files. Now users are NOT able to connect. Which step should the administrator take to allow users to connect again?

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1Y0-A20 Free Exam Question 3

Scenario: An administrator has published Mircosoft Word on two identical servers in a server farm. There are 75 users in the envirornment, and each server must be allowed to accept all 75 users session for failover purposes. All users start work at 09:00 in the morning. The administrator wants to prevent server failure due to excessive connection attempts during this logon time. Which option will meet the needs of this scenario?

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PDF 1Y0-A20 Dumps Exam Question 4

An administrator is using the AppCenter to control the logon settings for a XenApp 6.5 farm. Which four of the listed options are valid logon control settings for servers in the AppCenter?

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Dumps4download 1Y0-A20 Latest and Free Exam Question 5

Scenario: An administrator wishes to temporarily move users to servers in the disaster recovery site so maintenance can be performed on the production servers. A load balacing policy is used to the production site. Which change to the load balancing policy should the administrator make to achieve this?

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Free and Latest 1Y0-A20 Training Exam Question 6

An administrator needs to ensure that new XenApp servers are automatically added to worker groups. When creating a worker group, which two options could the administrator select to meet the requirements of the scenario?

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1Y0-A20 Dumps4download Latest Exams Question 7

Laptop users need to user a XenApp published application when they are disconnected from the corporate network. Which two plugins should an administrator install and where should they be installed to meet the laptop user requirements?

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