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Sample Questions

Zend 200-710 Exam Questions 1

Which PHP function retrieves a list of HTTP headers that have been sent as part of the HTTP response or are ready to be sent?

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Free 200-710 Training Exam Question 2

Consider the following table data and PHP code, and assume that the database supports transactions. What is the outcome? Table data (table name "users" with primary key "id"):
 id name email

------- ----------- -------------------
1 anna alpha@example.com
2 betty beta@example.org
3 clara gamma@example.net
5 sue sigma@example.info
PHP code (assume the PDO connection is correctly established):
$dsn = 'mysql:host=localhost;dbname=exam';
$user = 'username';
$pass = '********';
$pdo = new PDO($dsn, $user, $pass);
try {
$pdo->exec("INSERT INTO users (id, name, email) VALUES (6, 'bill',
$pdo->exec("INSERT INTO users (id, name, email) VALUES (7, 'john',
throw new Exception();
} catch (Exception $e) {

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200-710 Free Exam Question 3

You want to allow your users to submit HTML code in a form, which will then be displayed as real code and not affect your page layout. Which function do you apply to the text, when displaying it? (Choose 2)

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PDF 200-710 Dumps Exam Question 4

How many elements does the array $pieces contain after the following piece of code has been executed?
$pieces = explode("/", "///");

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Dumps4download 200-710 Latest and Free Exam Question 5

Which of these statements about PDO is NOT true?

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