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Sample Questions

Free Microsoft 70-385 Exam Question 1

You are implementing a solution to meet the security requirements for Outlook authentication. You purchase a new certificate that has a subject name of mail.proseware.com and SANs of autodiscover.proseware. com and oa.proseware.com. You create a host (A) record for oa. proseware.com in the public DNS zone.Remote users report that they fail to connect to their mailbox by using Outlook. You need to ensure that the remote users can connect to their mailbox from Outlook. The solution must meet the security requirements.
Which two commands should you run? (Each correct answer presents part of the solution. Choose two.)

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Microsoft 70-385 Free Exam Question 2

You have an Exchange Server 2013 organization that contains one Client Access server. The Client Access server is accessible from the Internet by using a network address translation (NAT) device.  
You deploy an additional Client Access server. 
You also deploy an L4 hardware load balancer between the Client Access servers and the NAT device.  
After deploying the hardware load balancer, you discover that all of the Exchange Server traffic is directed to a single Client Access server.  
You need to ensure that the hardware load balancer distributes traffic evenly across both Client Access servers.  
What should you do?

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Dumps4download 70-385 Exam Question 3

You host Exchange Server 2013 organizations for several hundred tenants.The infrastructure contains several custom transport agents.You need to prevent the transport agents from overloading the processors on one of the Exchange servers.Which cmdlet should you run?

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Microsoft 70-385 Exam Questions 4

How would you disable the anti malware filtering and ensure that engine updates from
microsoft are downloaded and updated.

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70-385 Dumps Exam Question 5

An administrator recommends removing EDGE1 from the implementaton plan and adding a new
Client Access server named CAS-8 instead.
You need to identfy which ant-spam feature will NOT be available on CAS-8.
Which ant-spam feature should you identfy?

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