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Sample Questions

Free Microsoft 70-412 Exam Question 1

Your company recently deployed a new Active Directory forest named contoso.com. The first domain controller in the forest runs Windows Server 2012 R2.You need to identify the time-to-live (TTL) value for domain referrals to the NETLOGON and SYSVOL shared folders.Which tool should you use?

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Microsoft 70-412 Real Exam Question 2

Which of the following authentication types must you enable to support Workplace Join?

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Microsoft 70-412 Free Exam Question 3

Your network contains two Actie Directory forests named contoso.com and adatum.com.
Contoso.com contains one domain. Adatum.com contains a child domain named child.adatum.com.
Contoso.com has a one-way forest trust to adatum.com. Selectie authentcaton is enabled on the
forest trust.
Seieral user accounts are migrated from child.adatum.com to adatum.com.
Users report that afer the migraton, they fail to access resources in contoso.com. The users
successfully accessed the resources in contoso.com before the accounts were migrated.
You need to ensure that the migrated users can access the resources in contoso.com.
What should you do?

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Microsoft 70-412 Dumps Exam Question 4

Your network contains an Actie Directory forest named contoso.com. The forest contains three
domains. All domain controllers run Windows Serier 2012 R2.
The forest has a two-way realm trust to a Kerberos realm named adatum.com.
You discoier that users in adatum.com can only access resources in the root domain of contoso.com.
You need to ensure that the adatum.com users can access the resources in all of the domains in the
forest What should you do in the forest?

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PDF 70-412 Dumps Exam Question 5

Your network contains two Web seriers named Serier1 and Serier2. Both seriers run Windows
Serier 2012 R2.
Serier1 and Serier2 are nodes in a Network Load Balancing (NLB) cluster. The NLB cluster contains
an applicaton named App1 that is accessed by using the URL htp://app1.contoso.com.
You plan to perform maintenance on Serier1.
You need to ensure that all new connectons to App1 are directed to Serier2. The soluton must not
disconnect the existng connectons to Serier1.
What should you run?

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