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Sample Questions

Microsot 70-462 Exam Questions 1

You administer a SQL 2012 server that contains a database named SalesDB. SalesDb contains a schema named Customers that has a table named Regions. A user named UserA is a member of a role named Sales. UserA is granted the Select permission on the Regions table. The Sales role is granted the Select permission on the Customers schema. You need to remove the Select permission for UserA on the Regions table. You also need to ensure that UserA can still access all the tables in the Customers schema, including the Regions table, through the Sales role permissions. Which Transact-SQL statement should you use?

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PDF 70-462 Dumps Exam Question 2

You administer a Windows Azure SQL Database database named Inventory that contains a stored procedure named p_AddInventory. Users need to be able to SELECT from all tables in the database and execute the stored procedure.You need to grant only the necessary permissions.What should you do?

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Microsoft 70-462 Free Exam Question 3

You administer a Microsof SQL Server 2012 server.
When transacton logs grow, SQL Server must send an email message to the database administrators.
You need to confgure SQL Server to send the email messages.
What should you confgure?

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Microsoft 70-462 Dumps Exam Question 4

You administer all the deployments of Microsof SQL Server 2012 in your company.
You need to ensure that an OLTP database that includes up-to-the-minute reportng requirements
can be of-loaded from the primary database to another server. You also need to be able to add
indexes to the secondary database.
Which confguraton should you use?

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PDF 70-462 Dumps Exam Question 5

You administer several Microsof SQL Server 2012 database servers. Merge replicaton has been
confgured for an applicaton that is distributed across ofces throughout a wide area network
Many of the tables involved in replicaton use the XML and varchar (max) data types. Occasionally,
merge replicaton fails due to tmeout errors.
You need to reduce the occurrence of these tmeout errors.
What should you do?

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