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Sample Questions

Microsoft 70-464 Exam Questions 1

You need to modify the stored procedure usp_LookupConcurrentUsers. What should you do?

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Dumps4download 70-464 Exam Question 2

You need to optimize the index structure that is used by the tables that support the fraud detection services. What should you do?

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Microsoft 70-464 Free Exam Question 3

Which data type should you use for CustomerID?

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Microsoft 70-464 Dumps Exam Question 4

You need to modify the functon in CountryFromID.sql to ensure that the country name is returned
instead of the country ID.
Which line of code should you modify in CountryFromID.sql?

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PDF 70-464 Dumps Exam Question 5

You atempt to process an invoice by using usp_InsertInvoice.sql and you receive the following error
message: "Msg 515, Level 16, State 2, Procedure usp_InsertInvoice, Line 10
Cannot insert the value NULL into column 'InvoiceDate', table 'DB1.Accountng.Invoices'' column
does not allow nulls. INSERT fails."
You need to modify usp_InsertInvoice.sql to resolve the error.
How should you modify the INSERT statement?

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