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Sample Questions

Microsoft 70-483 Free Exam Question 1

You are modifying an existing application that manages employee payroll. The application includes a class named PayrollProcessor. The PayrollProcessor class connects to a payroll database and processes batches of paychecks once a week.
You need to ensure that the PayrollProcessor class supports iteration and releases database connections after the batch processing completes.
Which two interfaces should you implement? (Each correct answer presents part of the complete solution. Choose two.)

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Microsoft 70-483 Dumps Exam Question 2

You are developing an application that will parse a large amount of text. You need to parse the text into separate lines and minimize memory use while processing data.
Which object type should you use?

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Microsoft 70-483 Free Exam Question 3

You are developing an application.
You need to declare a delegate for a method that accepts an integer as a parameter, and then returns an integer.
Which type of delegate should you use?

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Dumps4download 70-483 Exam Question 4

You are developing an application that will be deployed to multiple computers. You set the assembly name.
You need to create a unique identity for the application assembly.
Which two assembly identity attributes should you include in the source code? (Each correct answer
presents part of the solution. Choose two.)

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Free 70-483 Training Exam Question 5

You are implementing a method named ProcessReports that performs a long-running task. The ProcessReports() method has the following method signature:
public void ProcessReports(List<decimal> values,CancellationTokenSource cts, CancellationToken ct) If the calling code requests cancellation, the method must perform the following actions:
Cancel the long-running task.
Set the task status to TaskStatus.Canceled.
You need to ensure that the ProcessReports() method performs the required actions. Which code segment should you use in the method body?

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