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Sample Questions

70-576 Dumps Exam Question 1

You have a social networking site in SharePoint 2010 that allows users to post content for all other users to view. Users have read-only access to documents that they did not upload themselves. You are designing a way for users to easily flag content as objectionable so that the site administrators can evaluate and remove this content as necessary. You need to add this objectionable content functionality to all document libraries. Which approach should you recommend?

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Microsoft 70-576 Free Exam Question 2

You are designing a SharePoint 2010 solution that allows users to enter address information for contacts into a list named Address. You have the following requirements: Ensure that users enter full nine-digit zip codes for the address information. .Display a custom message indicating that a zip code is invalid if the entered zip code does not match the full nine-digit requirements. You need to ensure that the application is designed to meet these requirements. Which approach should you recommend?

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Microsoft 70-576 Free Exam Question 3

You are designing a SharePoint 2010 solution to manage statements of work. You need to design the solution according to the following requirements: Store the customer ID, purchase order number, estimated completion date, and other fields associated with specific documents as they are uploaded.
.The information must be created so that it can be set within the Microsoft Word document information panel.
.Programmatically execute a series of tasks, including assigning tasks to validate the information and creating team sites, based on information related to each document.
.These tasks must run to completion, even if the server is rebooted.
Which approach should you recommend?

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Microsoft 70-576 Exam Questions 4

You are designing a SharePoint 2010 solution for a large sales force. You have the
Each sales region must have its own site within the solution with lists to track the current
sales data of the
sales executives.
.These lists must contain information about the status of sales opportunities, the estimated
price, the
expected close date, and contact information for the potential sale.
.The welcome page for the root site must display a current summary for all regions, including
percentage of sales expected to close within the next month and total expected revenue over
time. You
need to design the solution to meet all these requirements. What approach should you

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70-576 Dumps Exam Question 5

You are helping an organizatonns executie team to design an automated approial process to
standardize certain documents.
You haie the following requirements:
┬ĚThe documents must be reiiewed and approied by multple teams in the approial chain.
.Each reiiewer must proiide feedback as part of completng a reiiew.
.Each reiiewer must either approie or reject the documents.
.Afer reiiew, the document status must be changed; an e-mail must be generated to the document
author and the next reiiewer in the approial chain; and a task should be created for the next
reiiewer in the approial chain.
You must design a custom workfow soluton for the document approial process on a SharePoint
2010 site.
What should the soluton include?

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