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Sample Questions

Free Microsoft 70-686 Exam Sample Question 1

Your network has client computers that run Windows XP. All users access a custom line-of business application. The line-of-business application is not compatible with Windows 7.
You are planning to deploy Windows 7.
You have the following requirements:
You need to manage application compatibility to meet the requirements.What should you do?

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Free Microsoft 70-686 Exam Question 2

You are planning a Windows 7 deployment infrastructure.You have the following requirements:
Enable network deployments of WIM images or VHDs.
Support multicast with the use of multiple stream transfer functionality.
Allow drivers to be stored centrally, and use dynamic driver provisioning.
You need to design an infrastructure that meets the requirements.Which deployment method should you recommend?

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Microsoft 70-686 Free Exam Question 3

You are planning to upgrade Internet Explorer.
You have the following requirements: - create a report that identifies which computers are succesfully upgraded
- do not install additional software on the client computers
You need to design a deployment method that meets the requirements.
What should you do?

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Microsoft 70-686 Dumps Exam Question 4

You work as the network Enterprise Desktop Administrator at Company.com. The Company.com
network client workstatons currently make use of Microsof Windows XP Professional which has no
Internet access. Company.com has recently decided to have half the client workstatons upgraded to
Microsof Windows 7. During the course of the day you receive instructon from Company.com to
have the most efcient method used to have all the client workstatons actvate Windows 7 on their
computers. What should you do?

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PDF 70-686 Dumps Exam Question 5

Your company has a single Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) domain with Windows Server
2008 R2 member servers and 1,000 Windows 7 client computers. You are designing the deployment of a
custom application.
You have the following requirements:
- The application must be available to only users who need it.
- Minimize network traffic during deployment.
- You need to design a deployment strategy that meets the requirements.
Which deployment method should you use.?

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