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Sample Questions

Microsoft 77-881 Dumps Exam Question 1

You type a document and you want to insert header from third page. Which of the following
technique will you use to accomplish the task?

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Microsoft 77-881 Dumps Exam Question 2

John prepares a document. He inserts some tables in it. In one table, John wants to divide a cell into
two rows and four columns. What should he do to accomplish the task?

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Dumps4download 77-881 Exam Question 3

Sam works in an office and he is assigned with the task of preparing a document. He uses Microsoft Word 2010 for creating documents. He inserts a picture in the document. He wants to apply sepia tone to the picture. Which of the following will he choose on the Format tab to accomplish the task?

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Microsoft 77-881 Free Exam Question 4

You work in an office and you are assigned with the task of writing a document. In the document,there are some words that need reference. What will you do to give the reference for the words on the same page?

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Microsoft 77-881 Free Exam Question 5

Sam wants to invite his 100 friends on the occasion of his birthday. He wants to send invitation cards to all his friends. He wants the cards to be generated by the computer. What will he do to accomplish the task?

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