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Sample Questions

Microsoft 77-884 Dumps Exam Question 1

You use Microsoft Outlook 2010 for messaging and e-mailing. MS Outlook has been configured to use
an IMAP account. You compose an e-mail. The e-mail comprises some confidential information. You
want to ensure that the recipients of the e-mail see the "Please treat this as Confidential" message in
the Information Bar of the e-mail. Which of the following actions will you take to accomplish the task?

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PDF 77-884 Dumps Exam Question 2

Peter works as a Support Analyst for White Well Inc. He uses Microsoft Outlook 2010 business cards to save the contact information of an identity. MS Outlook has been configured to use a POP3 account. Peter opens the contact, and he wants to send his business card to other users in such a way that only the .vcf file of the contact will be available to the recipients. Which of the following actions will he take to accomplish the task?

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Free Microsoft 77-884 Exam Question 3

David works as a Support Analyst for White Well Inc. He uses Microsof Outlook 2010's business card to save contacts informaton. MS Outlook has been confgured to use an Exchange account. He includes two business cards in an e-mail message to send the contact informaton about the suppliers to Mr. Thompson and Mr. Jackson. By using the business cards, David will visually communicate the corporate and personal identty of the suppliers. He sends the e -mail message. However, the recipient of the e-mails receives the cards that are only images and are non-clickable. They also receive an atached .vcf fle that contains the informaton about the contact. Which of the following is a cause of the issue?

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Dumps4download 77-884 Exam Question 4

Mark works as a System Analyst for Blue Well Inc. He uses Microsof Outlook for messaging and emailing. MS Outlook has been confgured to use an IMAP account. He schedules some meetng requests and events for the sales rato project of the company. He sends the meetng requests to the CEO and Manager of the sales department. However, the recipients are seeing his tme as busy when he is free and he does not get any appointment. Which of the following is the cause of the issue?

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Microsoft 77-884 Free Exam Question 5

Employees at ABC.com use computers running Windows 7 Enterprise and Microsoft Office 2010. The employees use Microsoft Outlook 2010 to connect to the Microsoft Exchange 2010 company email server. Jane creates a category named Important. She wants to ensure that any current or future emails from company managers that contain the word “Urgent” in the subject line or are flagged as Important are automatically added to the Important category. How can Jane achieve this goal?

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