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Sample Questions

Free Symantec 850-001 Question 1

A company is reaching their maximum CPU load for their email and Web servers, and begins investigation of public IaaS cloud bursting. The company is concerned about complex attack vectors launched against the hosted systems. To protect the assets, a number of Symantec security products will also be migrated. Which Symantec security solution provides continuous system visibility across all devices and facilitates detection of complex attack vectors?

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Symantec 850-001 Free Exam Question 2

What is the most effective strategy for an IT professional to implement an IT governance, risk, and compliance solution in a private cloud?

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850-001 Free Exam Question 3

When moving a company's email infrastructure to an IaaS cloud, which two Symantec Messaging Gateway security capabilities can be deployed? (Select two.)

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PDF 850-001 Dumps Exam Question 4

The web infrastructure of an online retailer with branch offices across North America is unable to cope with heavy transaction loads due to increasing web traffic volumes. Management has decided to share its web infrastructure with a third-party provider and wants to keep its crucial web servers on-premises to prevent server downtime. The supporting web servers will be hosted off-premise. Which cloud deployment model is suitable for this company?

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Dumps4download 850-001 Latest and Free Exam Question 5

Which Symantec solution helps to safeguard dynamic virtual infrastructures by providing Center for Internet Security (CIS) technical standards for evaluating and reporting the configuration of VMware ESX/ESXi?

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