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Sample Questions

Free Microsoft 98-361 Exam Question 1

You are employed as a developer at ABC.com . You make use of C# and ASP.NET for development purposes.
You have been asked to create a new  program for ABC.com. Prior to creating the new program,  you plan to create an algorithm to fully comprehend how the processes of the program must run. The algorithm will list the required actions for completing a process in the appropriate sequence.
You are informed that your method for creating the algorithm should be as simple, and clear as possible. What option should you use?

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Microsoft 98-361 Exam Questions 2

All objects in .NET inherit from which item?

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Microsoft 98-361 Free Exam Question 3

You have a Windows Service running in the context of an account that acts as a non-privileged user on the local computer. The account presents anonymous credentials to any remote server. What is the security context of the Windows Service?

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Microsoft 98-361 Exam Questions 4

This question requires that you evaluate the underlined text to determine if it is correct.
A table whose attributes depend only on the primary key must be at least second normal form.
Select the correct answer if the underlined text does not make the statement correct. Select "No
change is needed'' if the underlined text makes the statement correct.

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98-361 Dumps Exam Question 5

You need to gain a beter understanding of the soluton before writng the program. You decide to
develop an algorithm that lists all necessary steps to perform an operaton in the correct order. Any
technique that you use should minimize complexity and ambiguity. Which of the following
techniques should you use?

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