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Sample Questions

Free A00-212 Training Exam Question 1

Which one of the following options controls the pagesize of a SAS data set?

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SAS A00-212 Exam Questions 2

Given the following SAS data set named WORK.INTERNAT:
USA 30
EUR 40
The following SAS program is submitted:
%let LOC = Usa;
proc sql;
select *
from internat
where location = "&Loc";
Which one of the following is the result when the above code is executed on the above data set?

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A00-212 Free Exam Question 3

The following SAS program is submitted:
%macro test(var);
proc print data = sasuser.class;
where age > &var;
Which type of parameter is the macro variable VAR?

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PDF A00-212 Dumps Exam Question 4

Which option forces the use of a specific index from a data set?

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Dumps4download A00-212 Latest and Free Exam Question 5

Which one of the following is the value of the variable SCORE in the data set TEMP?

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