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Sample Questions

AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional Dumps Exam Question 1

You are designing Internet connectivity for your VPC. The Web servers must be available on the Internet. The application must have a highly available architecture.
Which alternatives should you consider? (Choose 2 answers)

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PDF AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional Dumps Exam Question 2

Your fortune 500 company has under taken a TCO analysis evaluating the use of Amazon S3 versus acquiring more hardware The outcome was that ail employees would be granted access to use Amazon S3 for storage of their personal documents.
Which of the following will you need to consider so you can set up a solution that incorporates single sign-on from your corporate AD or LDAP directory and restricts access for each user to a designated user folder in a bucket? (Choose 3 Answers)

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Free Amazon AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional Exam Question 3

You have a periodic Image analysis application that gets some files In Input analyzes them and tor each file writes some data in output to a ten file the number of files in input per day is high and concentrated in a few hours of the day.
Currently you have a server on EC2 with a large EBS volume that hosts the input data and the results it takes almost 20 hours per day to complete the process What services could be used to reduce the elaboration time and improve the availability of the solution?

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Dumps4download AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional Exam Question 4

Your startup wants to implement an order fulfillment process for selling a personalized gadget that needs an average of 3-4 days to produce with some orders taking up to 6 months you expect 10 orders per day on your first day. 1000 orders per day after 6 months and 10,000 orders after 12 months.
Orders coming in are checked for consistency men dispatched to your manufacturing plant for production quality control packaging shipment and payment processing If the product does not meet the quality standards at any stage of the process employees may force the process to repeat a step Customers are notified via email about order status and any critical issues with their orders such as payment failure.
Your case architecture includes AWS Elastic Beanstalk for your website with an RDS
MySQL instance for customer data and orders.
How can you implement the order fulfillment process while making sure that the emails are delivered reliably?

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AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional Real Exam Questions 5

A customer has established an AWS Direct Connect connection to AWS. The link is up and routes are being advertised from the customer's end, however the customer is unable to connect from EC2 instances inside its VPC to servers residing in its datacenter.
Which of the following options provide a viable solution to remedy this situation? (Choose 2 answers)

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