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Sample Questions

Free IBM C2040-985 Exam Question 1

Mac is planning a Change Control application that will be used by thousands of staff located in 10 different countries. What is one thing Mac can do to help optimize the performance of the application for his users.?

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IBM C2040-985 Free Exam Question 2

Cheryle would like to have access to her mail file while she is traveling and disconnected from the network. Once she arrives at her destination, she wants to connect to the network and synchronize her mail file updates with the server version of her mail file. How can she accomplish this?

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IBM C2040-985 Exam Questions 3

Which one of the following describes the use of hidden column formulas?

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Free C2040-985 Training Exam Question 4

In the past, Lloyd has copied an existing application if he needed to create a new
application. This time, however, Lloyd wants to create a new application on his own hard drive, and he does not want the application to include any design elements from existing applications. How can he do this?

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C2040-985 Dumps Exam Question 5

Richard's form includes a field that causes a document to be mailed when the document is saved. Which of the following is the reserved field name that Richard assigned to the field?

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