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Sample Questions

Free IBM C2090-543 Exam Question 1

Click the Exhibit button.
CREATE TABLE store(sid INTEGER, info XML);
Grocery A
Ice Cream6.00
Given the statements shown in the exhibit, a user executes the query shown below:
XQUERY for $store in db2-fn:xmlcolumn('STORE.INFO')/storeinfo
let $items := $store/items/fruit, $count := fn:count($items)
return $count
What is the output?

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IBM C2090-543 Free Exam Question 2

An existing table has the definition shown below:
CREATE TABLE hr.employees (
deptno INTEGER,
authid VARCHAR(255),
salary DECIMAL (10,2),
commission DECIMAL (5,3) DEFAULT 0,
benefits XML )
Only members of the HR_ADMIN group have privilege to SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE from the HR.EMPLOYEES table. A Web-based application is under development that connects to the database with a user's AUTHID and enables a user to see their record. No other records are
visible. Which type of database object can be created by a member of the HR_ADMIN that provides the
necessary information without changing the privileges on the HR.EMPLOYEES table?

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IBM C2090-543 Exam Questions 3

The table shown below contains a large number of financial transactions:
CREATE TABLE webstore.transactions (
shipped_date TIMESTAMP,
customer_id INTEGER NOT NULL,
shipping_info XML NOT NULL,
billing_info XML NOT NULL,
invoice XML NOT NULL )
Only members of the AUDIT_TEAM group have SELECT privilege on the WEBSTORE.TRANSACTIONS table. For appropriate supply-chain management, members of the INVENTORY_CONTROL group need to see the INVOICE document for each transaction that has a NULL SHIPPED_DATE, but are restricted from seeing any shipping or billing information.Which database object can a member of the AUDIT_TEAM group create to enable the INVENTORY_CONTROL group to access the information needed from WEBSTORE.TRANSACTIONS?

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Free C2090-543 Training Exam Question 4

User USER1 successfully creates a table USER1.TABLE1 and successfully creates a package USER1.PKG1 for an application containing the SQL shown below: EXEC SQL UPDATE user1.table1 SET col1 = :hvar1 WHERE col1 IS NULL Assuming user USER2 can connect to the database, but has no other relevant authorities, which
command must user USER1 issue to permit user USER2 to run the application?

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C2090-543 Dumps Exam Question 5

Which object can be invoked on a single invocation to return both output parameters and a result set back to the invoking application?

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