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Sample Questions

Free IBM C2090-614 Exam Question 1

If the following commands complete successfully for a single partition database: CREATE DATABASE mydb; CREATE BUFFERPOOL mybp; Which statement is true?

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IBM C2090-614 Free Exam Question 2

Which statement about SMS table spaces is correct?

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IBM C2090-614 Exam Questions 3

The following query is executed frequently against the SALES table: SELECT sales_id, sales_date, sales_person FROM sales; If data in the SALES_ID column is unique, which statement will create an index for optimal query performance and ensure uniqueness of the SALES_ID column?

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Free C2090-614 Training Exam Question 4

A DB2 9 database named MYDB that does not use automatic storage was migrated to DB2 10.1. When will a default storage group be defined for this database?

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C2090-614 Dumps Exam Question 5

On which two operating systems can DB2 pureScale run? (Choose two.)

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