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Sample Questions

SOA C90.05 Exam Questions 1

The cloud architecture that is established by applying the Hypervisor Clustering pattern relies on a centralized _____________as well as a shared _____________that is used when virtual servers are live migrated between the clustered hypervisors.

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Free C90.05 Training Exam Question 2

Applying the Dynamic Failure Detection and Recovery pattern establishes a _____________that can monitor and respond to runtime failure conditions.

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C90.05 Free Exam Question 3

The _______________ is used to keep track of workload distribution between cloud storage devices, and is established with the storage capacity system by the application of the _____________pattern.

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PDF C90.05 Dumps Exam Question 4

The Burst In compound pattern establishes a system that withdraws IT resources from an environment that has reached __________________ level of utilization.

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Dumps4download C90.05 Latest and Free Exam Question 5

Applying the _____________pattern establishes an elastic provisioning system that is capable of dynamically allocating and reclaiming _______________ for virtual servers.

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