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Sample Questions

PDF C90.06 Dumps Exam Question 1

Cloud Service A requires access to Cloud Storage Device A and Cloud Storage Device B. Cloud Service A is hosted by Virtual Server A. Virtual Server A and Virtual Server B are hosted by Hypervisor A, which resides on Physical Server A. Cloud Service Consumer A sends a request to access Cloud Service A (1). Cloud Service A retrieves data from Cloud Storage Device A and Cloud Storage Device B (2). Cloud Consumer A uses the usage and administration portal to access resource usage reports for Cloud Service A (3).

Cloud Service Consumer A and Cloud Consumer A belong to Organization A, which is leasing an laaS environment from the cloud provider. 
The cloud provider makes Cloud Service A available to several new cloud service consumers. Additionally, new LUNs are created on Cloud Storage Devices A and B for new cloud consumers to perform regular data access functions. This increase in workload causes Virtual Server A to fail during peak usage periods. Organization A and the new cloud consumer organizations request that the cloud provider find a way to dynamically support the higher usage workloads. Organization A keeps its master files and data in LUN B in Cloud Storage Device B. One day, a cloud resource administrator accidentally changes the path used to access LUN B. The original path cannot be retrieved. The cloud resource administrator informs Organization A's IT department that it must change any systems or tools it uses to access LUN B to the new path. This causes significant challenges, as well as a costly period of disruption. Organization A asks the cloud provider to create a system that would help avoid disruption in access to LUN B, if this was to ever happen again. The cloud provider has made Cloud Storage Device A part of a resource pool of synchronized cloud storage devices. Organization A is sharing Cloud Storage Device A with another cloud consumer organization. When cloud consumers from both organizations access Cloud Storage Device A at the same time, they encounter a resource constraint condition that causes Cloud Storage Device A to fail. Organization A requests that the cloud provider extend the existing cloud architecture to prevent this situation from happening again.
Which of the following statements provides a solution that can address all of these problems?

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Free SOA C90.06 Exam Question 2

Virtual Server A and Virtual Server B are hosted by Hypervisor A, which resides on Physical Server A. Virtual Server A hosts Cloud Service A. Virtual Server C. Virtual Server D, Virtual Server E and Virtual Server F are hosted by Hypervisor B on Physical Server B. Physical Server C, which hosts Hypervisor C, is currently not being used. Cloud Service Consumer A accesses Cloud Service A (1), which accesses files stored in a folder on Virtual Server A (2). Cloud Consumer B uses Proprietary User Portal A to administer legacy software (not shown) installed on Virtual Server D (3). Proprietary User Portal B and Proprietary User Portal C are also available for accessing additional legacy systems located on Virtual Server F; however, they are not often used.

The cloud shown in the figure is a private cloud. Department A and Department B share IT resources within the private cloud and are part of the same organization. Cloud Service Consumer A belongs to Department A and Cloud Consumer B belongs to Department B.
During routine access of Cloud Service A by Cloud Service Consumer A, the Department A cloud resource administrator is notified that a hardware fault is occurring within Physical Server A that will soon cause it to fail. The cloud resource administrator scrambles to arrange for Cloud Service A to be relocated but is unable to do so before Physical Server A does fail. It takes several more hours of downtime until, with the cooperation of the cloud provider, the Cloud Service A implementation is successfully moved to Physical Server C and made live again. Managers at Department A demand that a system be put in place to avoid this scenario in the future.
Cloud Service A was initially developed specifically for Department A's Cloud Service Consumer A. However, recently Department B has indicated that it will be developing its own cloud service consumer that will also need to regularly access Cloud Service A. After this new cloud service consumer is deployed, both Department A and Department B experience occasional runtime errors when their cloud service consumers attempt to access Cloud Service A at the same time. Cloud Service A accesses a legacy system on Virtual Server A that requires regular updates and patches to stay current. Each time the legacy system is updated, Cloud Service A needs to undergo an update as well, during which it needs to be temporarily unavailable. Department A managers ask the cloud provider to extend the cloud architecture so that a duplicate, secondary implementation of Cloud Service A can be made available while the primary implementation undergoes a maintenance update. Which of the following statements provide a solution that can adequately resolve all of Departments A and B's issues? 

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