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Sample Questions

Free E20-860 Training Exam Question 1

You are planning to create a remote Replication on the upcoming weekend and you want to estimate the amount of time the initial fs_copy takes. Select the right formula to calculate the time (0.8 = Network overhead. The assumption is the PFS is full.)

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Dumps4download E20-860 Exam Question 2

ABC Inc. is using SUN Directory Services. The domain is named 'weare' and used for user authentication. DataMover 2 is set to use it and you have checked the nsswitch.conf file. The command "ypcat -d weare passwd" results with following error message: "No such map passwd.byname. Reason: Can't bind to server which serves this domain." What is the reason?

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E20-860 Free Exam Question 3

Your customer would like to use SnapSure to create checkpoints of several critical filesystems with a sequential I/O access pattern. There is the perception that SnapSure will degrade performance for these critical filesystems. Where will your customer experience the greatest performance impact with SnapSure?

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PDF E20-860 Dumps Exam Question 4

A storage administrator noticed that the access to network drives on the Celerra slows down at about half past the hour every day. The local EMC service person told them that was normal, since a checkpoint is created 25 minutes past the hour every day. Which tool could be used to show the performance degradation?

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Dumps4download E20-860 Latest and Free Exam Question 5

In a Symmetrix DMX-4 the GigE IPv4/v6 feature is a built-in data encryption processor that enables configuration on a per-port basis. What are the two places this feature can be defined/enabled?

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