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Sample Questions

Free E20-895 Training Exam Question 1

You are adding a deduplication node to a customer's EMC NetWorker environment. The NetWorker clients currently back up to tape and perform full backups on Sunday and incremental backups on the other days of the week. In the new solution, all clients will back up to the deduplication node. The speed of recovery and higher deduplication rates are important to the customer. Which NetWorker schedule is recommended?

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Dumps4download E20-895 Exam Question 2

A customer has setup their EMC Celerra to backup through an Avamar NDMP Accelerator Node. They are not seeing any increased performance since the initial backup. They have investigated the Celerra and there are no outstanding issues. What is a potential reason for the poor backup performance?

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E20-895 Free Exam Question 3

A customer has an EMC Avamar system with a Data Domain device on its back-end. The customer has decided to remove the Data Domain device from its current location and install the device in another location. They want to integrate the Data Domain device into their current backup solution with NetWorker using DD Boost. What is a best practice to remove the Data Domain device from the Avamar system?

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PDF E20-895 Dumps Exam Question 4

A customer wants to protect their DB2 databases with EMC Avamar. You have configured some test databases and have performed several successful backups of various types. They would now like to restore the databases to complete their testing. In order to restore from an online backup with archive logs, which prefix should they look for when choosing a backup file?

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Dumps4download E20-895 Latest and Free Exam Question 5

A user’s mailbox has been accidentally deleted from a Microsoft Exchange 2003 database. The customer has only been backing up the databases with EMC Avamar on a nightly basis. They need to be able to restore the deleted mailbox from the last backup. What needs to be done prior to starting the restore from the Avamar server?

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