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Sample Questions

PDF HH0-450 Dumps Exam Question 1

A customer wants to discuss manual site failover design. The solution design must guarantee the replication of file system snapshots. What should the customer use?

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Free Hitachi HH0-450 Exam Question 2

A customer has a Hitachi AMS2100 attached to a 2-node Hitachi NAS Platform 3090 cluster. They initially purchased 15 TB and have just purchased an additional 5 TB. They now need to expand their existing storage pools. What must be considered when expanding the storage pools? 

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HH0-450 Free Exam Question 3

Your customer is planning to purchase a Hitachi NAS Platform model 3200 cluster. Which type of optical 10 GbE interface will they need for their network switches?

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PDF HH0-450 Dumps Exam Question 4

A Hitachi NAS Platform customer wishes to implement file level replication of their production data to their remote Hitachi NAS Platform in order to achieve site failover. Which three methods are available to the customer? (Choose three.)

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Dumps4download HH0-450 Latest and Free Exam Question 5

A customer would like to implement network load balancing from a Hitachi NAS Platform node to a single Ethernet switch. Which network technology is required?

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