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Sample Questions

PDF IREB-IT-CQ030 Dumps Exam Question 1

Which sentence best characterises the term "stakeholder"? (1 Point)

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Free iSQI IREB-IT-CQ03 Exam Question 2

As part of the "UniKasso" project, the "CRETIL" company is standardising the payment methods for all customers. The requirements specification has been created and the first release is currently being implemented. This week, the management has decided to include the implementation of the "credit card" mode of payment in the first release and to shift the "direct debit" mode of payment to the second release. The test manager receives the order to adjust the test planning accordingly. Which particular characteristic of the requirements will facilitate the work of the test manager significantly in this respect? (1 Point)

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IREB-IT-CQ03 Free Exam Question 3

For an interview, you have prepared a use case diagram for the system to be specified. You decide to talk through a use case in detail with the stakeholder. You receive very useful feedback which must now be documented. Which of the following means of expression is least suitable to document the details of a single use case? (1 Point)

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PDF IREB-IT-CQ03 Dumps Exam Question 4

You would like to design a requirements document in such a way that it is particularly well suited to the project participants who are to continue working with it. Please select from the following statements the two most appropriate assignments of requirement properties to participants. (1 Point)

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Dumps4download IREB-IT-CQ03 Latest and Free Exam Question 5

You carry out modelling of requirements with a use case diagram. Which answer best describes its prospective modelling elements? (1 Point)

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