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Sample Questions

Free P8060-017 Training Exam Question 1

Your customer has the IBM Sterling B2B Collaboration Network (VAN) offering and received a phone call from a trading partner that he did not receive an advanced shipment notice confirming when the order will be shipped. What tool would be used to investigate whether the advanced shipment notice made it to your customer's trading partner?

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Dumps4download P8060-017 Exam Question 2

What is the most important reason to understand if your customer has a disaster recovery plan?

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P8060-017 Free Exam Question 3

Purchasing efficiencies are the top reason that drives buyers to automate more with their trading partners and consists of _____________.

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PDF P8060-017 Dumps Exam Question 4

The IBM Sterling B2B Collaboration Network gives your customers access to over _______ pre-connected trading partners

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Dumps4download P8060-017 Latest and Free Exam Question 5

Outsourced human program and project management for your customer's B2B environment are part of which core functionality in the IBM Sterling B2B Integration Services (Managed Services) offering?

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