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Sample Questions

Free 1Y0-A26 Training Exam Question 1

Scenario: An administrator needs to configure a private network between virtual machines on two hosts in a pool using XenCenter. However, the option to select the appropriate network type is NOT available.
Which XenServer component must the administrator use to enable the correct network type?

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Dumps4download 1Y0-A26 Exam Question 2

Scenario: To improve performance and increase security, a network team will be moving all XenServer hosts into a more secure, and high resiliency subnet. The administrator must now change the subnet mask on all XenServer hosts to match the new network: Which command will the administrator need to execute on each host?

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1Y0-A26 Free Exam Question 3

An administrator needs to modify an application contained within a vDisk that is currently being used by multiple target devices. Which option must the administrator select on the vDisk in order to modify the application?

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PDF 1Y0-A26 Dumps Exam Question 4

Scenario: An administrator tries to start a virtual machine on a host that has an NFS storage repository. The virtual machine gives the error "This virtual machine needs storage that cannot be seen from the server."
Which action, within XenCenter, can the administrator take on the NFS storage repository to correct this issue?

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Dumps4download 1Y0-A26 Latest and Free Exam Question 5

Scenario: An administrator built four new hosts in an existing XenServer pool that already has multiple hosts connected to a shared storage over Fibre Channel. The administrator discovered that the new hosts are NOT able to connect to the existing storage repositories. Which two steps can the administrator take to resolve the issue? (Choose two.)

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1Y0-A26 Dumps4download Latest Exams Question 7

An administrator needs to upgrade the existing XenServer pool consisting of four hosts to version 6.0. When can the administrator use the rolling pool upgrade wizard?

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Dumps4download 1Y0-A26 Latest Real and Free Exam Question 8

Scenario: An administrator needs to add a new server to an existing pool in a remote datacenter. The administrator has NO access to XenCenter. Which command does the administrator need to use to prepare a XenServer host before adding it to a heterogeneous resource pool?

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Free Dumps4download Latest 1Y0-A26 Training Exam Question 9

Scenario: An administrator is troubleshooting a Provisioning services environment. After the administrator configured a new version of the vDisk for 10 identical target devices all running on the same XenServer host, the administrator discovers that only the first target device started with the new vDisk configured. The other nine target devices failed to startup. What is one of the steps the administrator should take to resolve this issue?

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1Y0-A26 Free Real Exam Question 10

An administrator is deploying Provisioning services in a XenServer environment. Which DHCP option must the administrator enable so that the target device will retrieve the boot file by name from the TFTP server?

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