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Sample Questions

Free 642-746 Training Exam Question 1

The Cisco recommended best practice for RSSI-based device tracking states that the tracked devices must be reliably detected by a minimum of how many APs? Select the best response.

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Dumps4download 642-746 Exam Question 2

You are working in a global company. You have been tasked to configure two redundant controllers that are not specific for any one country. How many countries can you select per controller with the country feature using Cisco WLC version 5.2?

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642-746 Free Exam Question 3

You have configured multiple country codes on your controller. You are using the Cisco WLC GUI to set the individual APs to the appropriate country code. How will this effect any associated clients on a changed AP?

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PDF 642-746 Dumps Exam Question 4

You have configured Symmetric Mobility with AES for mobility data encryption. Which UDP port does this mobility exchange use?

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Dumps4download 642-746 Latest and Free Exam Question 5

What is the default role on a Cisco mesh access point? Select the best response.

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Free and Latest 642-746 Training Exam Question 6

Which AP combinations can support MAP or RAP roles in a mesh network using version 5.2? Select the best response.

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642-746 Dumps4download Latest Exams Question 7

Where is Ethernet bridged traffic terminated in a mesh network? Select the best response.

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Dumps4download 642-746 Latest Real and Free Exam Question 8

What is the Cisco recommendation for maximum hop count and VLANs per sector in a mesh deployment? Select the best response.

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Free Dumps4download Latest 642-746 Training Exam Question 9

What is the radio role of an AP1410? Select the best response.

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642-746 Free Real Exam Question 10

Which radio role is available on the AP1310 but not on the AP1242? Select the best response.

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