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Sample Questions

Microsoft 77-882 Exam Questions 1

You work as an Office Assistant for Peach Tree Inc. Your responsibility includes creating sales incentive report of all sales managers for every quarter. You are using Microsoft Excel to create a worksheet for preparing the report. You have inserted the sales figures of all sales managers as shown in the image given below:
You have to calculate the first quarter incentives for all sales managers. The incentive percentage (provided in cell B3) is fixed for all sales managers. The incentive will be calculated on their total first quarter sales. You have to write a formula in the cell F8. Then you will drag the cell border to the cell F12 to copy the formula to all the cells from F8 to F12. In the first step, you select the F8 cell. Which of the following formulas will you insert to accomplish the task?

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Free 77-882 Training Exam Question 2

You are creating a business report by using Microsoft Excel 2010. You have arranged sales data as shown below:You want to provide pictorial representation of the trend of these sales data in front of each row. Which of the following steps will you choose to accomplish the task involving the least amount of administrative burden?

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Microsoft 77-882 Free Exam Question 3

You work as a Sales Manager for Rainbow Inc. Your responsibility includes preparing sales report of
the Sales department. You use Microsoft Excel 2010 to prepare sales reports. You have created a
quarterly sales report of the department. After entering required data and inserting charts, you want to
give a professional look to the document. You want to produce the document with soothing graphic
effects, soft fonts, and light colors. Which of the following steps will you take to accomplish the task with
least administrative burden?

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Microsoft 77-882 Dumps Exam Question 4

You work as a Help Desk Technician for Dreams Unlimited Inc. Martha, a Sales Manager, is creatng a
sales report in Microsof Excel. The report contains many worksheets. Martha has used many
formulas in her report. She wants to monitor a cell which contains a formul
a. The formula refers to many other cells that are located in diferent worksheets in the report. She
wants to know the efects on the cell when the values in diferent sheets change. She requests that
you help her out to accomplish the task. Which of the following steps would you suggest she take in
order to accomplish the task?

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PDF 77-882 Dumps Exam Question 5

Martha works as an Ofce Assistant for Tech Perfect Inc. She uses Microsof Excel 2010 for working
on a report. She wants to add a picture as a background in her Excel worksheet. She does not want
that picture to be printed while printng.
Which of the following steps will she take to accomplish the task?

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