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Sample Questions

SAS A00-280 Exam Questions 1

Which SAS program will apply the data set label 'Demographics' to the data set named DEMO?

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SAS A00-280 Training Exam Question 2

 The following SAS program is submitted: proc sort data=SASUSER.VISIT out=PSORT; by code descending date cost; run; Which statement is true regarding the submitted program? 

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A00-280 Free Exam Question 3

What information can be found in the SAS Dictionary tables? (Choose two.)

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PDF A00-280 Dumps Exam Question 4

Which validation technique involves two programmers writing separate programs to produce the same output, then comparing the result?

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Dumps4download A00-280 Latest and Free Exam Question 5

Identify the CDISC model with the following characteristics:
• XML-based content and format standard
• facilitates the archive and interchange of the metadata and data for clinical research
• provides an accurate audit trail that is 21 CRF Part II compliant

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