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Sample Questions

Free CAMS Exam Question 1

A customer runs an export business for agricultural products. There has been steady growth over the years from sales to the Caribbean region. A sudden increase is noted in this customer's account balances during the last month. On what grounds should an anti-money laundering specialist prepare a suspicious transaction report?

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CAMS Free Exam Question 2

A bank in an offshore jurisdiction approaches an institution about opening a new correspondent banking relationship. Prior to opening the account, the new account representative obtains copies of the offshore bank's anti-money laundering policies and procedures, and all appropriate legal documentation for the bank; ascertains no third parties will be able to access the accounts; and determines the owners of the bank, the bank's primary business activities, and the business address of the bank. Which of the following steps does the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision's Customer Due Diligence for Banks Paper recommend the banker take prior to opening Oils correspondent account?
1. Conduct a site visit and meet all the principals and beneficial owners in person.
2. Verify the bank has a physical presence in the country where it is incorporated.
3. Confirm the bank is subject to regulatory supervision with adequate anti-money laundering laws.
4. Obtain and maintain a complete listing of the correspondent bank's customers, including politically exposed persons.

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ACAMS CAMS Exam Questions 3

A financial institution in a jurisdiction with currency reporting thresholds is undergoing a branch office compliance review. A large number of currency transactions in amounts exceeding a reporting threshold were discovered without a currency transaction report (CTR) being filed. The transactions were handled by the same teller (cashier). This teller (cashier) was recently hired and had not received anti-money laundering training yet. The branch manager received daily exception reports of all large currency transactions as well as a report of all CTR filings. Which of the following should the compliance officer
recommend as the initial action?

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Free CAMS Training Exam Question 4

The Board of Directors for a small private bank has asked the management to no longer apply the identity requirements for high net worth individuals to protect their privacy. Which of the following Financial Action Task Force 40 Recommendations should cause an anti-money laundering specialist the most concern?

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CAMS Dumps Exam Question 5

Under requirements for correspondent accounts in the USA PATRIOT Act, the word "certification" refers to a written representation by a:

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