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Sample Questions

Dumps4download CCA175 Exam Question 1

Problem Scenario 89 : You have been given below patient data in csv format,
patient ID,name,date Of Birth,last Visit Date
1001,Ah Teck,1991-12-31,2012-01-20
Accomplish following activities.
1. Find all the patients whose lastVisitDate between current time and '2012-09-15'
2. Find all the patients who born in 2011
3. Find all the patients age
4. List patients whose last visited more than 60 days ago
5. Select patients 18 years old or younger

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Free CCA175 Training Exam Question 2

Problem Scenario 24 : You have been given below comma separated employee information.
Data Set:
Use the netcat service on port 44444, and nc above data line by line. Please do the following activities.
1. Create a flume conf file using fastest channel, which write data in hive warehouse directory, in a table called flumemaleemployee (Create hive table as well tor given data).
2. While importing, make sure only male employee data is stored.

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Cloudera CCA175 Real Exam Question 3

Problem Scenario 51 : You have been given below code snippet.
val a = sc.parallelize(List(1, 2,1, 3), 1)
val b =, "b"))
val c =, "c"))
Write a correct code snippet for Operationxyz which will produce below output.
Array[(lnt, (lterable[String], lterable[String]))] = Array(
(1,(ArrayBuffer(b, b),ArrayBuffer(c, c)))

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PDF CCA175 Dumps Exam Question 4

Problem Scenario 26 : You need to implement near real time solutions for collecting information when submitted in file with below information. You have been given below directory location (if not available than create it) /tmp/nrtcontent. Assume your departments upstream service is continuously committing data in this directory as a new file (not stream of data, because it is near real time solution). As soon as file committed in this directory that needs to be available in hdfs in /tmp/flume location Data echo "I am preparing for CCA175 from" > /tmp/nrtcontent/.he1.txt
mv /tmp/nrtcontent/.he1.txt /tmp/nrtcontent/he1.txt
After few mins
echo "I am preparing for CCA175 from" > /tmp/nrtcontent/.qt1.txt
mv /tmp/nrtcontent/.qt1.txt /tmp/nrtcontent/qt1.txt
Write a flume configuration file named flumes.conf and use it to load data in hdfs with following additional properties.
1. Spool /tmp/nrtcontent
2. File prefix in hdfs sholuld be events
3. File suffix should be Jog
4. If file is not commited and in use than it should have as prefix.
5. Data should be written as text to hdfs

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CCA175 Dumps Exam Question 5

Problem Scenario 40 : You have been given sample data as below in a file called spark15/file1.txt
Below is the code snippet to process this tile.
val field= sc.textFile("spark15/f ilel.txt")
val mapper => A) =>> {B})).collect
Please fill in A and B so it can generate below final output
Array(Array(3070811,1963,109G, 0, "US", "CA", 0,1, 0)
,Array(3022811,1963,1096, 0, "US", "CA", 0,1, 56)
,Array(3033811,1963,1096, 0, "US", "CA", 0,1, 23)

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