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Sample Questions

Free Netapp NS0-191 Exam Questions 1

Microsoft SQL Server is being hosted from a Microsoft Hyper-V cluster and is mounting a LUN from NetApp storage that contains its working databases. In this scenario, which product would be used to ensure that consistent Snapshot copies of the database are obtained?

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Netapp NS0-191 Free Exam Questions 2

You are preparing to implement a storage virtual machine (SVM) in a SAN configuration. You need to eliminate single points of failure and enable the system to survive component failures. According to NetApp, what is the recommended minimum number of paths per LUN connecting to each node being used by an SVM in a cluster?

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NS0-191 Free Exam Question 3

An administrator on a clustered Data ONTAP 8.3.1 system created a FlexClone of a volume containing a
LUN, but the new LUN is offline and cannot be seen by the client. In this scenario, which two actions will solve the problem? (Choose two.)

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PDF NS0-191 Dumps Exam Question 4

A customer is using DP SnapMirror replication between two clusters. The source cluster is using
Clustered Data ONTAP 8.2.3. Which two versions are acceptable for the destination cluster to be operating? (Choose two.)

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Dumps4download NS0-191 Latest and Free Exam Question 5

The customer configured an SVM called “NewSVM” for NFS, configured the volume, “vol_nfs”, mounted
at “/vol_nfs”, and set up NFSv3 as shown in the exhibit. However, if they try to mount from the client
with IP address, they receive a “permission denied” error. In this scenario, which action will solve the error condition?

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