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Sample Questions

Free S90.20 Training Exam Question 1

Services A, B and C belong to Service Inventory A. Services D, E and F belong to Service Inventory B. Service C acts as an authentication broker for Service Inventory A. Service F acts as an authentication broker for Service Inventory B. Both of the authentication brokers
use Kerberos-based authentication technologies. Upon receiving a request message from a service consumer, Services C and F authenticate the request using a local identity store
and then use a separate Ticket Granting Service (not shown) to issue the Kerberos ticket to the service consumer.

A recent security audit of the two service inventories revealed that both authentication brokers have been victims of attacks. In Service Inventory A, the attacker has been intercepting and modifying the credential information sent by Service C (the ticket requester) to the Ticket Granting Service. As a result, the requests have been invalidated and incorrectly rejected by the Ticket Granting Service. In Service Inventory B, the attacker has been obtaining service consumer credentials and has used them to request and receive valid tickets from the Ticket Granting Service. The attacker has then used these tickets to enable malicious service consumers to gain access to other services within the service inventory. How can the two service inventory security architectures be improved in order to counter these attacks?

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Dumps4download S90.20 Exam Question 2

Service A provides a data retrieval capability that can be used by a range of service consumers, including Service Consumer A. In order to retrieve the necessary data, Service Consumer A first sends a request message to Service A (1). Service A then exchanges request and response messages with Service B (2, 3), Service C (4, 5), and Service D (6. 7). After receiving all three response messages from Services B. C. and D, Service A assembles the collected data into a response message that it returns to Service Consumer
A (8).

The owner of Service A charges service consumers for each usage of the data retrieval capability. Recently, the owner of Service Consumer A has complained that the data returned by Service A is incorrect, incomplete, and from invalid sources. As evidence, the Service Consumer A owner has presented the owner of Service A with sample messages containing the incorrect and incomplete contents. As a result, the Service Consumer A owner has refused to pay the usage fees. Subsequent to an internal investigation, the owner of Service A determines that the data returned by Service A is consistently correct and complete. There are suspicions that the Service Consumer A owner is altering the
original messages and issuing these complaints fraudulently in order to avoid paying the usage fees. How can the owner of Service A prove that Service A is returning correct and complete data and that this data originated from the correct sources?

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