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Sample Questions

TM12 Training Exam Question 1

Test Tools and Automation Assume you are a Test Manager involved in system testing of a CRM application for a PayTV company. Currently the application is able to support a proper number of users assuring the required responsiveness. Since the business is expected to grow, you have been asked to evaluate the ability of the application to grow to support more users while maintaining the same responsiveness. Which of the following tools would you expect to be the most useful at performing this evaluation? Number of correct responses:

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Dumps4downIoad TM12 Exam Question 2

Test Tools and Automation Assume you are managing a test automation project for a mission-critical system. Becausevendor provided tools and open source solutions don't meet the needs of this project, you ask your test team to develop a custom automation framework. Which of the following management issues associated to the development of this custom automation framework is least likely to manage? Number of correct responses: 1 

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TM12 Free Exam Question 3

People Skills – Team Composition Which of the following would you expect to be most likely an example of a motivating factor for testers? Number of correct responses:

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PDF TM12 Dumps Exam Question 4

Test Tools and Automation In your organization the following tools of the same vendor are currently in use: a requirements management tool, a test management tool and a bug tracking tool. You are the Test Manager. You are currently evaluating a test automation tool of the same vendor (to complete the vendor's tool suite) against an interesting open-source test automation tool under the GNU GPL (General Public License). There are no initial costs associated to that open-source tool. Which of thefollowing statements associated to the selection of the open-source tool is correct in this scenario? Number of correct responses:

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Dumps4downIoad TM12 Iatest Exam Question 5

People Skills – Team Composition Assume you are managing the system testing execution phase of a project. The system test execution period for that project is scheduled for eighteen weeks and the release date is scheduled at the end of system testing. During the sixth week of system test execution, at the staff meeting, the project manager informs you that the project deadlines are changed and the release date that is only three weeks ahead. This new release will not allow the completion of the system tests. Suppose also that you have followed a risk- driven test approach for this project. Which of the following statements represents the worst way to lead your test team in the next three weeks? Number of correct responses: 1

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