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Sample Questions

Free AHIP AHM-530 Exam Question 1

Federal laws—including the Ethics in Patient Referrals Act, the Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) Act of 1973, the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA), and the Federal Trade Commission Act—have impacted the ways that health plans conduct business. For instance, the Mosaic Health Plan must comply with the following federal laws in order to operate:  
Regulation 1: Mosaic must establish a mandated grievance resolution mechanism, including a method for members to address grievances with network providers. 
Regulation 2: Mosaic must not allow its providers to refer Medicare and Medicaid patients to entities in which they have a financial or ownership interest.  
From the answer choices below, select the response that correctly identifies the federal legislation on which Regulation 1 and Regulation 2 are based.

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AHIP AHM-530 Free Exam Question 2

A provider contract describes the responsibilities of each party to the contract. These responsibilities can be divided into provider responsibilities, health plan responsibilities, and mutual obligations. Mutual obligations typically include

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AHM-530 Free Exam Question 3

From the following answer choices, choose the type of clause or provision described in this situation. The provider contract between Dr. Olin Norquist and the Granite Health Plan specifies a time period for the party who has breached the contract to remedy the problem and avoid termination of the contract.

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PDF AHM-530 Dumps Exam Question 4

The following statement(s) can correctly be made about contracting and reimbursement of specialty care physicians (SCPs):

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Dumps4download AHM-530 Latest Exam Question-5

The actual number of providers included in a provider network can be based on staffing ratios. One true statement about staffing ratios is that, typically:

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