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Sample Questions

Free Amazon AWS DevOps Engineer - Professional Exam Question 1

Due to compliance regulations, management has asked you to provide a system that allows for cost-effective long-term storage of your application logs and provides a way for support staff to view the logs more quickly. Currently your log system archives logs automatically to Amazon S3 every hour, and support staff must wait for these logs to appear in Amazon S3, because they do not currently have access to the systems to view live logs.
What method should you use to become compliant while also providing a faster way for support staff to have access to logs?

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AWS DevOps Engineer - Professional Amazon Exam Questions 2

You want to securely distribute credentials for your Amazon RDS instance to your fleet of web server instances.
The credentials are stored in a file that is controlled by a configuration management system.
How do you securely deploy the credentials in an automated manner across the fleet of web server instances, which can number in the hundreds, while retaining the ability to roll back if needed?

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Amazon Dumps Exam Question 3

Your company has developed a web application and is hosting it in an Amazon S3 bucket configured for static website hosting.
The application is using the AWS SDK for JavaScript in the browser to access data stored in an Amazon DynamoDB table.
How can you ensure that API keys for access to your data in DynamoDB are kept secure?

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AWS DevOps Engineer - Professional Amazon Real Exam Question 4

You have an application running on Amazon EC2 in an Auto Scaling group. Instances are being bootstrapped dynamically, and the bootstrapping takes over 15 minutes to complete.
You find that instances are reported by Auto Scaling as being In Service before bootstrapping has completed. You are receiving application alarms related to new instances before they have completed bootstrapping, which is causing confusion. You find the cause: your application monitoring tool is polling the Auto Scaling Service API for instances that are In Service, and creating alarms for new previously unknown instances. Which of the following will ensure that new instances are not added to your application monitoring tool before bootstrapping is completed?

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PDF Amazon Dumps Exam Question 5

You have been given a business requirement to retain log files for your application for 10 years.
You need to regularly retrieve the most recent logs for troubleshooting.
Your logging system must be cost-effective, given the large volume of logs.
What technique should you use to meet these requirements?

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