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Sample Questions

Free IBM C8010-250 Exam Question 1

II was found during an implementation that the input to a particular API component in a service did not contain the sales order document type in the input. How can this be fixed in the production environment without having to redeploy the application'?

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IBM C8010-250 Free Exam Question 2

A security company sells a basic security package for $199, and would like to offer an optional monthly service package for S42 per month. The basic $199 package price should be broken down as follows:
Base Price = $100
Activation Fee = $99
Which step does the implementation professional needs to take to allow this company to accomplish
its pricing objective?

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IBM C8010-250 Exam Questions 3

In a production environment, agent server JVM has crashed due to an out of a memory error on the agent machine. Agent server JVM is configured to run with 5 threads. At the time of the crash, 5 different records are being processed by the agent server JVM and 1707 more records are present in the non-persistent JMS queue to be processed Agent server JVM is re-started after increasing the memory. Which statement is true?

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Free C8010-250 Training Exam Question 4

Which configuration option is INCORRECTwhendealing with external availability in document specific fulfillment rules?

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C8010-250 Dumps Exam Question 5

During a Silent installation of the application, if a user does NOT want to perform any of the database operations, which setting needs to be configured?

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