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Sample Questions

Free FIN Training Exam Question 1

Arcturus Co has recently purchased goods costing $12,000 from a supplier. The supplier has offered credit terms of 3/15, net 40. If a cash discount is taken, payment will be made on the last possible day. The opportunity cost of funds for Arcturus Co is 30%. What is the net saving, or net cost, at the normal time of payment of taking a cash discount?

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Dumps4download FIN Exam Question 2

Indus Co holds an item of inventory for which the demand is 40,000 units per year. The cost of holding one unit of the item is $2·50 per year and the cost of placing an order for the item is $20. Demand for the item is even throughout the year. Indus Co employs the economic order quantity (EOQ) model to derive the optimal order quantity for the item. What is the combined annual cost of holding and ordering this item?

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FIN Free Exam Question 3

The shares of Derwent Co and Plym Co have beta values of 0·5 and 1·2 respectively. The expected rate of return for Derwent Co investors is 9% and the expected return to the market is 12%. Using the Capital Asset Pricing Model, what is the expected rate of return for investors in Plym Co?

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PDF FIN Dumps Exam Question 4

Better Inc, a US-based company, expects to receive €800,000 in two months’ time for consultancy services provided to the Austrian government. It wishes to be certain of the amount to be received and will use the derivatives market to achieve this. Which one of the following actions should the company take NOW to hedge the risk?

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Dumps4download FIN Latest and Free Exam Question 5

It has been claimed that the weighted average cost of capital (WACC) should only be used to evaluate investment decisions, involving discounted cash flow calculations, where:
1.Theproposed project does not alter the business risk profile of the business.
2.TheWACC reflects the long-term capital structure of the business. Which ONE of the following combinations (true/false) is correct?

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