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Sample Questions

Free RF0-001 Training Exam Question 1

Recent protocols have been written to support the reading of 1,700 tags per second with passive ultra high frequency (UHF) systems. To read this many tags in such a brief period of time, the interrogator should use:

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Dumps4download RF0-001 Exam Question 2

When an interrogator queries Electronic Product Code (EPC) Class 1 Gen 2 tags, the tag has the responsibility to perform which of the following?

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RF0-001 Free Exam Question 3

Which of the following conditions would be MOST likely to cause a ghost tag read?

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PDF RF0-001 Dumps Exam Question 4

An RFID application using the Electronic Product Code (EPC) Class 1 Gen 2 protocol needs to read the EPC code from the tag. It reads 96 bits from the tag, but the last 4 bytes of the EPC code in Bank 1 are corrupted. Which of the following is MOST likely the cause of the problem?

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Dumps4download RF0-001 Latest and RF0-001 Exam Question 5

Which of the following is the maximum output power of the interrogator at the connector between the interrogator and the antenna according to Federal Communication Commission (FCC) rules for 902-928 MHz RFID?

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